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About Us

KARMA WELLNESS COOPERATIVE is dedicated to providing our members with safe and reliable access to alternative treatments as recommended by a licensed physician.  Karma Wellness Cooperative offers the highest quality of medical cannabis on the market today.  Our experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as providing patients the best medical marijuana in the area.

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10+ drink options-- from 15mg-160mg THC!
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New patients and patient referrals will receive a free gift! WA State sales tax NOT INCLUDED in donation suggestion, and will be added. We also have a new Prize Wheel that has yielded several grand prizes! $150 minimum donation earns a spin that can earn you a free edible, gram of cannabis, 10% off you order, or even a free eighth or gram of concentrate($40 Value)!!10% off your order when you donate $300!!

Winter hours in effect, now open at 10AM and Closing at 7PM!

Karma Wellness would like to thank you for checking us out. We strive to provide high quality meds at affordable donations. Our staff is very knowledgeable and friendly, so feel free to ask any questions. If you're not satisfied for any reason, let us know so we can find a solution. But if you are satisfied, let fellow patients know about us and get a free gift for referring. We also encourage our patients to leave honest reviews on, and to show appreciation if you do, we'll give you a free gift


Mission Statement:

Karma Wellness Center is a non-profit collective serving the greater Northwest.  We aim to provide the best quality medicinal cannabis and cannabis products available while providing a safe environment for both patient and caregiver alike. KARMA also provides seminars on the most current information regarding the medical cannabis culture.

 KARMA'S company goal and objectives are as follows...

  1. To establish a non-profit entity to facilitate the transition of the market for cannabis and cannabis products for medical purposes from an illicit one to an illicit one, to insure  medical cannabis is accessible in a similar manner as other medicinal herbs, in accordance with  our vision.
  2. To ensure availability of a supply of cannabis and cannabis products for medical  purposes only to meet appropriate quality standards regarding horticulture and sanitation and  other requirements.
  3. To provide a method for member patients to receive and use medical cannabis for medical purposes only, on written authorization from their physicians; and with a state issued medical cannabis id card.
  4. To educate physicians, patients, politicians, and the general public about the beneficial uses of cannabis and cannabis and cannabis products.
  5.  To raise funds and accept donations to encourage and facilitate research into all aspects  of medical cannabis use, including but not limited to, appropriate methods of use of cannabis  and cannabis products for medical purposes including quality standards, potency, methods of  administration, appropriate dosage, cannabinoid profile-symptom relief correlation, and all  other areas of interest to medicinal cannabis using community, excluding the facilitation of  production of pharmaceutical products.
  6. To provide information as a result of these activities to enable the enactment or  promulgation of or amendments to laws either federal, state, or municipal, to legalize the  production, distribution, use and possession of cannabis, in accordance with our vision.
  7. To provide access to and information regarding natural therapies.
  8. To participate in the approval, control, and regulation of distributors and producers of  cannabis and cannabis products for medical purposes, to ensure cannabis and cannabis products  for medicinal purposes, to ensure cannabis is accessible in a similar manner as other herbs, in  accordance with our vision.
  9. To provide for the lawful possession of medical cannabis products for member patients  upon prescription from their doctors and with a state approved medical cannabis card.
  10. To operate with and to serve as a working model of alternatives and solutions, which  includes the utilization of consensus process and consensus decision thinking.                                

Karma Wellness Center's core values are simple. Our goal is to create an honest and fair system for bringing both patient and caregiver together through group effort, and community awareness. Through such efforts bring mental and physical tranquility. Karma Wellness Center believes in complete harmony between mind and body.

The medical cannabis industry is in explosive growth. As more people become medical cannabis patients there will be an increased demand for collectives to provide medical cannabis and cannabis products.

Karma Wellness Center has a very knowledgeable staff and plan to stay current on all changes in the medical cannabis industry keeping our patients informed with the most current information regarding medical cannabis and all things pertaining to medical cannabis and its culture.

Karma Wellness Center is a non-profit organization.  Operating in this form notifies patients that we are not in operation to generate profits, but rather to ensure that medical cannabis patients have safe access to the medicine and information they need.


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